DiceCaddy is a utility for generating random dice rolls for RPG and tabletop style games. It is designed to be as universal as possible and features an extensive array of dice configuration options.

DiceCaddy's main screen appears when the application is launched and is where most activity occurs. From here you can select and modify dice, perform rolls, and view the results.

It features a tabbed interface to quickly switch between different active dice sets. The number of tabs can be changed in the settings screen, based on factors such as the size of your device's screen, its resolution, and your own personal preference. Each tab also has an "alternate tab" which can be toggled by tapping the current tab's selector a second time. Every tab contains a separate "dice set." A dice set is just a collection of dice that can be rolled and summed together into a total result. Dice sets can be created and then saved for later use. There is no limit to the number of dice sets you can store other than storage space available on your device.

Some basic principles of DiceCaddy's storage model:

  • When you save a dice set, you are asked to give it a name. That name will also be placed in the title of its tab.
  • Dice sets can be loaded, modified, then saved either overwriting themselves or saved to a new set (with a new name).
  • The same dice set can be loaded in as many separate tabs as you'd like.
  • By default, when the DiceCaddy app is closed, all open dice sets are automatically saved. However, these autosaves are stored in a separate location, so they will not overwrite your primary saves. When the app is reopened, all of the previously autosaved sets are restored.

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