A calculator tool can be opened with a button at the bottom of the main screen. Note the button is disabled during a roll. The calculator's most useful purpose is to allow you to quickly perform additional operations to a roll that has already completed.

For example, say you perform a roll but realize you forgot to add a modifier. Do not modify your dice set and then perform a new roll, this could be considered cheating. Simply open the calculator - your most recent dice roll will automatically be loaded into the calculator. Hit the plus symbol, then the number, then the equals button, and you will have a new result.

You can also add new dice rolls. Enter the dice quantity, then hit the dice button, then the die type. Hit the equals button and a random result will be generated and added to the total.

When you leave the calculator, the result will be copied back to the result display on the main screen. Tap the Results button to view detailed information - you will see your previous roll results plus the new activity you performed while in the calculator. From the results dialog, hit the Load button to bring this new dice configuration into your current tab.

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