Can I be notified when my d20 makes a critical hit?

Yes. Go into the dice row's properties screen, and turn on the Highlight Good feature and set the condition to equals 20. Now, when its result is a 20, the value will be highlighted green. Also, enable Highlight Bad and set its condition to equals 1 and it will highlight critical failures as yellow.

Is there a way to do percentile dice?

Not directly. The closest thing is to just use a d10 and imagine it's percentile. You can also set a multiply X 10 modifier.

How good is DiceCaddy at making random rolls?

There is an argument that psuedo-random number generators used by computers are not truly random and should not be used in place of real dice. No, psuedo-random number generators (PRNGs) are not truly random because they create results by calculable, repeatable means. However, the measure of any source of random numbers are simply:

  • Does it provide a good, uniform distribution (are all outcomes possible and do they have equal odds)?
  • Are the results sufficiently unpredictable?
And in the scope of DiceCaddy and RPG gaming in general, the answer is yes: PRNGs are more than sufficient in both regards.

Ultimately this argument is moot: Unless you are able to comprehend the exact PRNG algorithm implemented, the clock timing of a device that performs millions of operations per second, and the current state of its entire operating environment, all in your head, then you cannot predict the outcome of a dice roll generated by DiceCaddy and use this to your advantage. Additionally, a being with this degree of omniscience would likely have no problem crunching all of the analog variables necessary to predict outcomes of physical dice rolls as well.

Comparing random number generator implementations

DiceCaddy allows you to select between random number generators built into the Android platform as well as several additional number generators. The biggest differences between RNGs are their performance and the size of their period (that is, how long before its results repeat based on a given seed). For purposes of dice simulation, all of DiceCaddy's methods provide more than suitable randomness and the speed differences are negligible. The selection is provided merely for completeness.

Further on the topic of randomness

Some people fall into the assumption that if you roll a d20 twenty times, you should get a 20 at least once. Have you ever had the experience where you roll a d20 all night long and seldom get anything higher than a 6? You may have been tempted to toss that die and grab another "luckier" one. But superstition aside, one (fair and balanced) die is not any more or less lucky than another one. The truth is you will not see a good even distribution unless you roll many thousands of times. This is true of real, physical dice and it is a true of pseudo-random number generators.

Another bad assumption people make is that it is unusual and unfair to roll the same number twice in a row. Have you ever experienced this scenario: "Oh man I rolled a 2." Then... "Oh my god I can't believe I rolled a 2 AGAIN!" Actually, on a d20 the odds of rolling doubles is only 1 in 20. The truth is humans are very poor at generating and understanding random numbers. In reality, patterns do occur in random sets.

Will you add something like 3D animated dice that bounce around the screen when you roll?

No. DiceCaddy is intended to be as practical and functional as possible. 3D graphics do not align with that goal.

What security permissions does DiceCaddy require and why?

Storage: modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
Used by import/export feature.
Network communication: full network access
The app uses a web browser to connect to this website when viewing the manual.
Network communication: view network connections
Used for displaying advertisements via Admob service. No personal information is transmitted from DiceCaddy.
Hardware controls: control vibration
There is an optional setting to vibrate the device for certain events.
Hardware controls: prevent phone from sleeping
There is an optional setting to prevent the device's screen from turning off while in DiceCaddy.

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