DiceCaddy has several settings to control its general behavior. Access these settings through your device's menu button, then go to More, then Settings. Hitting your device's back button will save all settings and return to the main screen.

Whenever a fraction of a number is encountered, this decides which direction to round. Will normally only be possible when a modifier with a division operator is used.
For example, in D&D you normally always round down.
Random Method
Select which random number generator (RNG) to use for dice rolls:
Built-in Random()
The class built into the base Android/Java platform for typical random number generation purposes. Known as a Linear congruential generator and is fastest of these algorithms.
Built-in SecureRandom()
The class built into the base Android/Java platform for cryptographically-secure purposes.
Mersenne Twister
Developed by Makoto Matsumoto and Takuji Nishimura. Typically the most popular and prefered RNG algorithm which has a very large period.
Designed by George Marsaglia. Simple but has a smaller period than the Mersenne Twister.
Multiply With Carry
Another RNG invented by George Marsaglia. Has an extremely large period.
Another cryptographically-strong algorithm.
Tony Pasqualoni's fast Cellular Automaton RNG. Warning: This method's seed generation is slow and will cause the app to launch more slowly.
* For purposes of dice simulation, all of these methods provide more than suitable randomness and the speed differences are negligible. The selection is provided merely for completeness.
Dice Result Shuffling
Toggles the "slot machine"-like animation effect.
Shuffling Duration
The length the shuffling effect should last. Ranges between roughly 3 and 10 seconds.
Tab Count
How many tabs to display on the main screen. Ranges between 3 and 5.
Default Dice Sets
Which dice sets to load on application launch. Each tab may be configured independently.
Last Set
DiceCaddy will autosave this tab on application close, and reopen it at application launch.
Specific Set
Load a specific set from the database. When this option is chosen, an additional setting will appear below this row which lets you choose the dice set (identified by name).
Empty Set
An empty set.
Dice Graph Accuracy
When viewing a dice graph, this controls how many random rolls to generate to populate the data set. The larger the sample, the smoother and more accurate the graph will be, at the expense of more time for creation. Ranges between roughly 1000 and 25000.
Shake To Roll
Trigger dice rolls with a shake gesture. Only available on devices with an accelerometer.
Sound Effects
Toggles the sound effects that accompanies the shuffling effect and also used when a dice set meets a "highlight" condition.
Device Vibrate
Vibrate the device for certain events. Used by home screen widgets and also when a dice set meets a "highlight" condition.
Prevent Device Sleep
If this is checked, your device's screen will not go to sleep while in the main screen of the app.
Lock Portrait Mode
If this is checked, the screen will not be allowed to rotate to landscape mode.

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