October 4, 2014
DiceCaddy 1.5 released with the following changes:
  • Android SDK 4.4 update.
  • Ads removed, DiceCaddy is now free.

September 25, 2013
DiceCaddy 1.4.1 released with the following changes:
  • Android SDK 4.3 update.
  • Admob library update.

January 11, 2013
DiceCaddy 1.4 released with the following changes:
  • Added individual roll results on main screen
    Note: This was often requested but unfortunately was quite a hack to work into the code, so let me know if there are bugs.
  • Fixed widget size and widget font size for newer versions of Android.
  • Updated widget to support lock screen widgets (Jelly Bean).
  • Fixed full screen bug for some dialogs.
  • Improved progress bar in Dice Graph screen.
  • Tweaked some textbox sizes a tiny bit.
  • Dice icon/graphics updated for higher resolutions.
  • Admob library update.
  • Uncommon Maths library update.

May 18, 2012
DiceCaddy 1.3 released with the following changes:
  • Added an import/export function, available via the menu button from the Load Dice screen. Makes it easy to make backups of your dice sets or transfer them to another device.
    Note: With the import/export feature, the app now requires SD card permission. Also, this feature is currently unavailable in Android 2.1.
  • Added an "Undo" function, available via the menu button from the main screen. Will revert the most recent change to a dice set.
  • Added "Add Dice" context menu option to dice rows on main screen, which will insert a row at the current position.
  • Improved compatibility with Android 4.0 devices, however tablet support is still not available.
  • Fixed bug in scroll/focus behavior on Dice Graph Compare screen and Load Dice Set screen.
  • Fixed bug in long-touching counter row check boxes.
  • Admob library update.

Also, DiceCaddy (Key) has been updated to 1.1

September 10, 2011
DiceCaddy 1.2.5 released with the following changes:
  • Calculator button added to counter row dialog.
  • Calculator now has a dismiss button to help devices that don't have a physical back button.
  • Fixed some unnecessary memory usage in sound playback code.
  • Updated Admob library.

June 11, 2011
DiceCaddy 1.2.4 released with the following changes:
  • Fixed force-close in history log.
  • Slightly improved subtotal formatting in results dialog and history log screens.
  • Updated Admob library (yawn, I know).

April 29, 2011
Added a Privacy Policy page available here.

April 9, 2011
DiceCaddy 1.2.3 released with the following small changes:
  • New sound effects for critical hits/misses (using the highlight conditions).
  • Updated Admob library (Requires new ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permission).

March 22, 2011
DiceCaddy is now available on the Amazon App Store!

March 14, 2011
DiceCaddy 1.2.2 released with the following change:
  • Fixed force-close bug involving "counter" rows.

February 28, 2011
DiceCaddy 1.2.1 released with the following change:
  • Fixed critical bug with home screen widget.

February 27, 2011
DiceCaddy 1.2 released with the following new features:
  • Shake-to-roll gesture (disabled by default, enable in Settings screen).
  • Device vibrate for certain events.
  • Home screen widget - add simple die widgets to your home screen!
    • Note: For widgets to work, you cannot install the app to the SD card!

February 5, 2011
DiceCaddy 1.1 released with the following changes:
  • New feature:
    • Ability to divide dice sets into separate subgroups that aren't summed together. Results for each subgroup are displayed separately.
    • Click Add action and select "Splitter Row" to make use of this.
    • Note this required some major code changes so please email us if any new bugs are found!
  • "Report Target" values are now displayed directly in the main screen's result area for quicker viewing.
  • Fix text field focus bug in dice row properties screen.
  • Long pressing the checkboxes in the dice row properties screen will now quickset default values.
  • "Duplicate Row" action now inserts at current position instead of appending to the end.

January 23, 2011
DiceCaddy 1.0.2 released with the following change:
  • Added search filters to dice set load screen and graph comparison screen.

January 15, 2011
DiceCaddy 1.0.1 released with the following changes:
  • Switched to better numeric keyboard for input fields.
  • Fixed bug with paid unlock app.
  • Added "email developer" action in settings screen.
  • New feature: Voice input!
    1. Long-press your device's search button while in the app's main screen.
    2. Speak a phrase like "3d6 plus 5" or "2d8 plus 1d4" or "6d6 reroll 1's."
    3. The phrase will be parsed and entered.
    4. Will only work with devices that have the voice recognition service.

January 9, 2011
DiceCaddy 1.0 released with the following changes:
  • Improved autosave performance further.
  • Tweaked roll button sound behavior a bit.
  • Added min/max progress bar to result dialog.
  • Modified back button behavior from main screen.
  • Dropped "Beta" status.
Important change:
App is now ad supported. Ads can be removed by purchasing the DiceCaddy "Key" app in the market! See QR code on main page.

December 28, 2010
DiceCaddy 1.0-beta3 released with the following changes:
  • Fixed force-close where random number generator takes too long to initialize.

December 19, 2010
DiceCaddy 1.0-beta2 released with the following changes:
  • Minor cosmetic fixes.
  • Autosave write performance improved a little bit.
  • Added additional options for random number generation including the Mersenne Twister algorithm.
  • Added "About" screen.

December 10, 2010
DiceCaddy 1.0-beta1 released!
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